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Welcome to the University of Minnesota Grape website.

Whether you are a grape propagator, grower, or winemaker, or simply like to enjoy good wines, we hope you find this website useful.

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This site is designed primarily for professionals who have commercial vineyards and wineries.  Information is available regarding Viticulture and Enology.  Plus, resources are identified for purchasing a large quantity of propagated grapes from Licensed Nurseries and participants in the Minnesota Nursery Research Corporation (MNRC).

Amateur grape growers and winemakers can benefit from reviewing the professional grape production and winemaking information, plus the FAQs and Helpful Links.  If you'd like to taste the delectable wines produced from U of M cold hardy vines, explore a Minnesota Wine Trail or attend Savor MN.

Members of the Media may research information about the University of Minnesota's exceptional breeding program for wine grapes that was initiated in the mid-1980's.  Today, the U of M is recognized as having one of the top wine grape programs in the United States.

Our goal is to develop high quality, cold hardy, and disease resistant grape cultivars.

We're delighted to offer you four outstanding grape varieties that are producing Medal Winning Wines: Frontenac, Frontenac gris, La Crescent, and Marquette.


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Partial funding from Viticulture Consortium East to support development and evaluation of grapes is gratefully acknowledged.

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